In 1989 Maneline started distributing Horseshoes in the South Island and ventured North in 1997.

The Vision of Maneline was to introduce into the Market better products to service the growing need for change. While products were sourced through various manufacturers and serviced the industry well it was not until 2000 when the Company partnered with the Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory in Holland.
The rest is History, we were able to express our concerns for redevelopment of existing products and manufacture products from new ideas, the Kerckhaert Horseshoe Factory were prepared to listen. Today we have the finest Horseshoes available. While Kerckhaert is our mainstream supplier our conditions do vary and stock Horseshoes from other manufacturers worldwide.

Maneline stock inventory would have Horseshoes to suit almost every discipline from Competition shoes through to Caulked Mountain shoes.

Why Kerckhaert ?

Kerckhaert is renowed Worldwide for creating innovative, market leading, user-friendly, premium quality horseshoes and nails.

Leading farriers tell us that just by handling a Kerckhaert horseshoe, the clean finish, excellent design, smooth edges and workmanship that goes into every shoe, sets Royal Kerckhaert Horseshoes apart as the benchmark for World leading horseshoes

Kerckhaert delivers to the farrier, exceptionally high quality products at a competitive price, many advantages are gained by the farrier when using Kerckhaert horseshoes and nails over other brands on the market..
  • Increase productivity – with Kerckhaert's innovative drop-forged, combined with left and right patterns, there is significantly less time required to shape and finish shoes. For the farrier this can mean, time to shoe an extra horse each day and earn a greater income.
  • Reduced operating costs – shoes designed better to stay on and last longer. The farrier spends less time running around repairing lost shoes or replacing prematurely worn out shoes.
  • Increased customer satisfaction – our wider web designs promote increased soundness and performance. Customers are happy that shoes stay on better and their horses stay sound.

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